Trade Like Bukowski, "Copper" the Public's Ideas and Play At All Times


Charles Bukowski dishes out betting advice in his poem, "the guillotine."


the guillotine

I knew my black friend long ago when we both worked in the same 
pit of agony, now I see him occassionally in the grandstand at the
track, he sits alone and works hard at the Racing Form (I long ago
threw that away, noting that almost everybody had one and that 
everybody lost). anyhow, I saw him last Sunday.
"hello, Roy . . ." "hello, Hank . . ." "I like the 9," I said.
"maybe," he said, "but there is one horse that
can't win . . ." he told me it was the 4 horse.
the 4 was reading three-to-one; I walked down and cancelled the 9
     and bought
a ticket on the 4, then I went out and watched the race. 
the 4 got up in the last jump and it did
which is my system: I listen to somebody badmouth a horse and I 
bet it, this is much better than any
Racing Form.


"These professionals win because they know the 'inside' principle of beating the races, the same principle that must be used to beat any speculative game or business from which a legal 'take', house percentage, or brokerage fee is extracted. That principle is "COPPER" THE PUBLIC'S IDEAS AND PLAY AT ALL TIMES! That is not abstract theory -- it is practical percentage." Robert L. Bacon, Secrets of Professional Turf Betting